TU Valencia wins FSN2017

Assen, 20th July 2017

After a stunning performance in the Endurance Event, the Technical University of Valencia has won the first edition of Formula Student Netherlands, picking up first place prizes for Autocross, Endurance, Efficiency and in CV class as well.

The best ranked electric vehicle was second overall, congratulations the Chalmers University of Technology who also won the Cost and Manufacturing Event.

The national pride was held high by car E40 from the Technical University of Eindhoven. They seemed to be heading towards the overall victory after picking up first places in Engineering Design, Acceleration and Skid Pad, only to be let down by a failure in the endurance event.

The students of the University of Applied Sciences Munich took home the biggest trophy for the Business Plan Presentation event. The FSN organization congratulates all teams with their achievements, we are already planning for 2018!